Want performance with portability? Get an HP EliteBook 840 G7.

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All HP Business desktops and laptops are built for collaboration and security. Users who multi-task as a daily routine in their multi-play workplace will find that the EliteBook 840 G7 notebook laptop meets all their requirements. You can easily buy HP EliteBook 840 G7 notebook laptop at Supreme Computers.

The EliteBook 840 G7 notebook is a solution to collaborative work that needs a powerful, durable and secure laptop. It is good at keeping users productive and connected in any environment. The lightweight, ultra-thin, and easy to carry laptop boasts an 85 percent screen to body ratio. As part of the latest features, the super-quiet keyboard and clickpad ensure that they are uber-comfortable to work with.

Users can work with an absolute peace of mind as the laptop is embedded with security features from HP. These features help develop an always-acting, resilient, and always-on defense. Right from the BIOS to the browser to the OS, the dynamic solutions help safeguard the PC from threats.

Some key features of the notebook laptop are:

  • Bluetooth connections allow users to connect wirelessly with other systems for easy sharing and transferring of files.
  • Superior audio with Bang & Olufsen audio that produces straight-forward, crisp, and clear sound for the PC.
  • As a major performance booster, the Solid State Drive makes the device easier and faster to start, shut down, and transfer data as well.
  • The backlit keyboard makes it easier to use the laptop even in fully dark or dim conditions. At a 14-inch display screen size, the notebook laptop is ideal for business use.

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