Transcend 4GB DDR3 1333MHz Notebook Memory

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  • Designed for use in your PC, workstation and servers
  • Ensures strict adherence to quality, reliability and high performance standards
  • Simple and easy to install

Advanced Laptop Memory Module

The Transcend 4 GB RAM Module is essentially a memory module for laptops and personal computers. It comes with 4 GB of RAM and can be easily installed on laptops and computers that support the DDR3 technology of Computer RAMs. The module sets a good example of performance and power. Using this module, you can add the much needed power to your laptop or computer. It is made using a powerful and sophisticated ‘Fly-by’ architecture, enabling a much more efficient and direct communication between the computer and DRAM chip. The module is also power efficient and provides you with a high level of performance. The RAM module comes with a manufacturer's warranty of 5 years.

’Fly-by’ Architecture 

The Transcend 4 GB RAM module is based on the superior ‘Fly-by’ architecture. It also uses the superior quality 256M DRAM chips that are known to boost the performance of your computer system by manifolds. The chip makes use of the robust PCBs that are in accordance with the standards of the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council. With the added memory, your computer will now be able to perform better multitasking, run applications faster and provide an overall superior experience in terms of computing.

Faster Computing Experience

The added 4 GB RAM allows you to indulge in robust computing without any lags. You can now run games smoother than before, browse the Internet at a fast speed, stream high definition video content, run power intensive and image editing applications. There is an increase in the data transfer speeds within the computer and also an increase in the Internet bandwidth transfer between your modem and computer with the added memory.

Power efficient RAM Module

The Transcend memory module has been designed to be powerful and efficient. The module operates on a voltage of 1.5 volts which reduces the energy consumption of the device. It is compatible with the motherboards of major computing systems and laptops. If your laptop supports DDR3 RAM technology, you can make use of the Transcend 4 GB RAM module for increasing the power and performance of your device. The RAM module is very easy and convenient to install and boosts your system’s performance significantly.

Transcend Memory Module for Laptop

The Transcend memory module is designed for use in your PC, workstation and servers. Transcend ensures strict adherence to quality, reliability and high performance standards. With DDR3 SDRAM memory capacity, this data module incorporates sophisticated "Fly-by" architecture that provides an efficient and direct communication transfer between the controller and DRAM chips. Made of superior-quality 256Mx8 DDR3 DRAM chips, it helps boost your system's performance. Simple and easy to install, it is essential for gaming applications, streaming HD-quality videos, image editing, graphic design functions and manipulating large amounts of data.

Using robust PCBs that meet Joint Electron Device Engineering Council standards, upgrading your computer system with this memory module helps in performing several tasks at one time. It offers faster transfer speeds and better internet bandwidth and is a perfect fit for modern systems using dual or quad-core processors. This memory module contributes to an effective and smooth performance of all applications.

Operating on a voltage of 1.5 volts, this Transcend data module reduces memory consumption and power wastage. Tested for compatibility with computer and laptop systems and reliable performance, it is a convenient add-on for improving the speed and operation of your system.

Technical Specifications

Brand Transcend
Model Name Notebook Memory
Memory Type DDR3
Memory Size 4 GB
Tested Speed 1333MHz
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